Radiofrequency technology (RF) applied to anti-theft systems for retail shops is based on an oscillating thin spiral-shaped LC circuit, used to radiate the high-frequency electromagnetic waves that are necessary to the system.

Although different radio frequencies can be set, 8.2 MHz is the one that is typically used. The circuit that is used as a transmitter and receiver of the waves is very simple as well as economic.

The devices which are placed near the doors of the shop (antennas or shoplifting pillars) work as a couple being both the source and receiver of the signal, so the process comprises the following steps:

  • The TRANSMITTING ANTENNA sends a constant radio signal radio in its proximity.
  • The signal is received by a LABEL or an ANTI-THEFT PLATE (or TAG).
  • If the label or the anti-theft plate has not been correctly deactivated at the cash register (through a DETACHER or a DEACTIVATOR), it will send another signal.
  • The signal is received by the RECEIVER ANTENNA: at this point, the alarm goes off.

The RF security systems for retail shops by IDISEC are a very useful solution to protect the merchandise by potential thieves and represent a perfect choice for a wide range of shops.

RF anti-theft systems for retail shops are suggested by IDISEC for the following commercial activities:


Based on the typology of your commercial activity, different RF anti-theft systems will guarantee a specific protection to your merchandise.

In order to deactivate the RF circuit, based on the most suitable accessories to protect the merchandise in the shop, different instruments can be used to over-charge the circuit and permanently disabling it.

RF technology is one of the options proposed by IDISEC for its anti-theft systems for retail shops as it works either with anti-theft labels or rigid tags (anti-theft plates), able to protect many different typologies of merchandise (alternatively, IDISEC also offers AM SECURITY-SYSTEMS).
The costs of these anti-theft systems can vary according to specific choices and quantities:

  •  For anti-theft pillars, prices of RF available options offered by IDISEC are different based on the model:
    – EPSILON RF security system is the standard type, in aluminum and plexy;
    – QUASAR RF security system is more refined, in steel and plexy. It’s also equipped with an elegant LED lighting.
  • As regards to the choice of EAS systems accessories RF, including tags or anti-theft labels, prices will be different according to the quantity you order.

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