EAS systems accessories RF

EAS systems accessories RF 8.2MHz

IDISEC allows you to buy a wide range of anti-theft systems based on radio frequency (RF) technology. These represent the most suitable solution to protect the products displayed in your shop.

Each accessory can be used together with an essential device: the RF anti-theft antennas (you can choose them among two models: Epsilon and Quasar). These devices, consisting of a single or double antenna, are the active part of the system.

The maximum distances indicated refer to the use of the Quasar dual antenna.

RF anti-theft systems can be used with anti-theft labels and plates (or tags) with different sizes and shapes.

Finally, to disable the alarm system we offer specific devices (to be placed near the cash register and used during the purchase): detacher (for anti-theft plates) and deactivator (for anti-theft labels).

Our products of RF anti-theft system

Sticker Label

45x10x1 mm
> 110 cm


39x15x18 mm
> 130 cm


52x15x13 mm
> 160 cm


46x18x1 mm
> 110cm



39x15x18 mm
> 130cm


Diam. 70 mm
> 190 cm


Diam. 45 mm
> 150cm


Diam. 50 mm
> 170 cm


Diam. 50 mm
> 170 cm


48x42x18 mm
> 150 cm

Round mini

Diam. 30 mm
> 140 cm

Round mini ink

Diam. 30 mm
> 140 cm


> 18-23 cm

Super mini pencil

53x15x18 mm
> 150 cm

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