Anti-theft systems for retail shops

Based on the type of your commercial activity, different instruments are available to ensure a specific protection for your merchandise.

Each anti-theft system for retail shops consists of anti-theft systems placed near the openings, plus a number of accessories including labels and anti-theft system plates to be applied to merchandise. Finally, instruments such as detachers and deactivators to be placed near the cash registers, to deactivate the security system.

Technology against theft

The risk for shops and malls is always lurking, with a growing number of people grabbing objects suddenly, hiding them under a raincoat, or in their purse.
Anti-theft systems are not new, but they have to keep up with the times and always updated, to counter modern techniques put in place every day by bad guys

Anti-theft systems

Article surveillance systems, available for protection against potential thieves, are used in almost every point of sale, especially over recent years when shoplifting have considerably increased.

Free-touch anti-theft systems

Due to technological progress, phone shops and electronic stores are faced to an unpleasant and unfortunately growing phenomenon: robberies. For these activities, free-touch anti-theft systems are the most suitable solution.

Customer counter

Customer counter is a system for analyzing visitors’ flows within the outlets that serves to obtain information and statistics that can be used to evaluate the outcome of promotional initiatives and to implement improvements within the business in order to increase sales.