Anti-theft systems for footwear

Anti-theft systems for retail shops are absolutely indispensable tools to protect your store from more or less consistent thefts.
Idisec, a specialist in anti-theft systems, is able to provide the right solution for every surface, from department store to small boutique.

The customer, as it is natural especially in a shoe store, likes to be able to view the item closely to him, to be able to take it in his hand, evaluate and experiment independently.
Allowing the buyer to touch the exposed goods freely is definitely an inexpensive purchase incentive but you also need to be able to check that all the goods pass regularly from the cashier.
Surveillance cameras and staff in the store certainly help, but they are not enough, then IDISEC offers valid and functional anti-theft systems for footwear. These systems are designed to address the specific needs of this product field (as well as ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS FOR CLOTHING).

Anti-theft systems for retail shops at affordable prices, able to satisfy different needs.

Anti-theft systems for footwear: which to choose

IDISEC is constantly updated on the news regarding anti-theft systems, in order to be able to offer the best service and the most innovative solutions, to guarantee an above-average safety level.

In this sense, the company proposes two different types of anti-theft systems for shoe shops, to perfectly address the needs of this product field:


Each system comprises specific antennas with a single or double antenna, which are combined with specific accessories (anti-theft labels and tags) as well as supports (e.g. laces to bind the anti-theft plate to the product) of different materials and with different shapes, as well as a specific mechanism to protect different typologies of products.
If you choose acousto-magnetic AM anti-theft systems, prices will be slightly higher, as this technology ensures a better performance, such as the widest area covered by the signal.
IDISEC certifies the high quality of each of its anti-theft solutions, which have prices able to satisfy different budgets.
For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our products of RF anti-theft system


EAS system and mono or dual antenna RF 8.2MHz

Epsilon is our most economic anti-theft system based on radio frequency (RF) technology.


EAS system and mono or dual antenna RF 8.2MH

With elegant led lights, Quasar is the ideal solution proposed by IDISEC for anti-theft antennas.

Our products of AM anti-theft system


EAS system and mono or dual antenna AM 58kHz

Sirio is the most elegant anti-theft system based on acousto-magnetic (AM) technology.


EAS system and mono or dual antenna AM 58kHz

Pulsar is the anti-theft system of IDISEC based on acousto-magnetic (AM) technology.

Anti-theft systems for footwear: how do they work

IDISEC offer just the most reliable, innovative and technologically advanced anti-theft systems, always updated and cost-effective, especially in relation to the high quality of services offered (v. ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS FOR LEATHER SHOPS).

The anti-theft systems for footwear suggested by IDISEC comprise a number of different devices.

  • ANTI-THEFT ANTENNAS with a single or two antennas, based on RF or AM technology, according to your preferences, to be placed near the doors of the shop.
  • A series of accessories (based on radiofrequency or acoust-magnetic technologies according to the type of device you have chosen) such as TAGS and ANTI-THEFT LABELS to be applied on the displayed shoes or clothing.

Different variants of anti-theft plates are available, so you can choose among round, squared or pencil plates. Anti-theft labels, sticker or not, can be applied inside the shoes or clothing, but also under the shoes.

Any accessory is efficient and reliable, but they differ as regard to specific characteristics as well as area covered by the signal, based on the use of anti-theft systems with a single or double antenna.

Plates or labels that are not removed by the cashier through specific devices (DETACHERS and DEACTIVATORS) emit a signal that is received by the antenna near the door of the shop, alarming the staff.

To get more information on our anti-theft systems as well as prices of the different solutions for shoe shops, contact IDISEC by filling the form at the end of this page.

Our accessories of RF and AM anti-theft system

Super pencil





Sticker label




Ultra pencil





Round mini

Round mini ink


Super mini pencil

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