Anti-theft systems for Brico and hardware stores

Brico and hardware stores selling a wide range of materials, should be very careful in order to avoid robberies (which unfortunately are steadily increasing).
By addressing to firms that are specialised in anti-theft systems for retail shops like IDISEC, it is possible to find the most suitable solutions for the specific needs of these product categories.

Due to their peculiar trade proposal, these stores should take into account their audience: the lowest common denominator is that all these clients must be able to handle the products in order to test their characteristics.

For all these reasons, anti-theft systems for hardware stores have to be big and versatile, simple and at the same time able to optimize management costs (therefore, they have to be anti-theft systems at affordable prices).

Anti-theft systems for Brico and hardware stores: which to choose

Brico and hardware stores need really efficient anti-theft systems to avoid or at least limit shoplifting. At the same time, it is important for these instruments to be precise and avoid false alarms.

In order to offer a solution able to completely satisfy these needs, IDISEC proposes two different technologies for hardware stores, both of which are highly functional:


By contacting the company you will be able to consult with our experts and ask them about the most suitable solutions on the basis of the needs of your activity, as well as know the prices of each typology of anti-theft systems you are interested into.

In any case, by choosing the RF or AM anti-theft systems by IDISEC you will be able to benefit from state of the art technologies and materials, to protect the displayed products in your shop at the best of your abilities.

Our products of RF anti-theft system


EAS system and mono or dual antenna RF 8.2MHz

Epsilon is our most economic anti-theft system based on radio frequency (RF) technology.


EAS system and mono or dual antenna RF 8.2MH

With elegant led lights, Quasar is the ideal solution proposed by IDISEC for anti-theft antennas

Our products of AM anti-theft system


EAS system and mono or dual antenna AM 58kHz

Sirio is the most elegant anti-theft system based on acousto-magnetic (AM) technology.


EAS system and mono or dual antenna AM 58kHz

Pulsar is the anti-theft system of IDISEC based on acousto-magnetic (AM) technology.

Anti-theft systems for Brico and hardware stores: how do they work

The solutions for hardware stores have to protect a wide range of very different products. Therefore, you have to choose the correct device to protect different typologies of products.

Anti-theft systems at great prices offered by IDISEC for this product field comprise:

  • Highly functional ANTI-THEFT ANTENNAS, with one or two antennas, studied for an optimal result also from the aesthetic point of view, being able to fit into different context.
  • LABELS and TAGS or ANTI-THEFT PLATES that offer a great performance with a minimum occupied space. The first are not visible in most cases, as they are placed inside the product, while anti-theft plates, usually bigger compared to labels, are often used for clothing.
  • Specific LACES to bind the anti-theft plate to the product, in case it is not possible to use the specific nail.

We also offer devices such as DETACHERS including special magnetic systems to detach the plate from its nail, to be placed near the cash registers.

The safety ensured by our products does not exert a negative effect on the aesthetic of the merchandise and is studied to be able to touch the products without any problem.

Anti-theft systems for hardware stores by IDISEC (as ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS FOR GARDEN, i ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS FOR CLOTHING and generally all specific solutions by our company) are ideal to fit in these contexts, making the management and organization of the commercial activity efficient and safe.

IDISEC has always taken care of the specific needs of shops. Thanks to the experience from several year in this field, the company only proposes top quality and functional solutions. Our anti-theft systems at optimal prices are accurately selected to offer a sensation of maximal protection, avoiding uncomfortable misunderstandings that might compromise the results of your business.

Our accessories of RF and AM anti-theft system

Super pencil





Sticker label




Ultra pencil





Round mini

Round mini ink


Super mini pencil

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