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Installing specific customer counters in your retail shop can be really useful to analyze the number of visitors, to obtain specific information. The information obtained using these devices, i.e. customer counters, is necessary to produce statistics to evaluate marketing initiatives as well as to improve the activity and increase sells.

A customer counter is therefore essential especially in building ad hoc marketing strategies, studied on the real needs of visitors and business, based on own habits and relative conversion rates.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to achieve revenue improvement goals by providing information about the number of customers entering the point of sale.

The obtained data relate, for example, to:

  • knowing what are the times of the day when there is greater affluence of visitors;
  • see in the presence of which staff operator there is a greater flow of customers.

Thanks to the inspection of the visits, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis on the efficiency of the sales operations, which is ideal to build ad hoc marketing and to finalize advertising tools in the best way possible.

Different types of customer counters are available, including

  • MANUAL CUSTOMER COUNTERS that can be either mechanicalor electronic counters.
  • AUTOMATIC CUSTOMER COUNTERS based on optic technologies and controlled with specific software.

The mechanical manual customer counter is a small object generally in metal and it is usually used to manually count the number of visitors during events, fairs and events. On these occasions, it is used by hostesses and stewards of the reception.

The electronic manual customer counter is a device usually used for the visitors flow analysis in public business premises (such as pubs and nightclubs) and it is always manually activated.

Auto-counting people is a high-accuracy system that works without the help of a PC. Through an optical sensing system, these systems can count the number of people passing through the sensitive areas defined by the user.
For this particular device, the associated software allows access to statistics on the number of visits divided by time zone and for days (holidays and business) and the possibility of compare the different business periods and the flow of daily, monthly and annual visitors.

IDISEC, a company with a long experience in anti-theft systems specific for commercial activities, also offers solutions to analyze visitor flows: different types of customer counters, ideal for any need and budget, either for small shops or large retailers.

Costumer counter: prices

Choosing customer counters (electronic, mechanical or automatic) is a wise and functional decision for your whole business, as it is directly related to an economic outcome due to the increase of sells.

Customer counters are therefore devices that can really help the business of a shop, and sectors that can benefit from one of the various visitor flow analysis systems are really multiple, from nightclubs to various stores. These devices have generally affordable prices able to satisfy several needs and different conditions.

Usually, the costs for these devices are as follows:
MECHANICAL CUSTOMER COUNTERS have the lowest PRICES among the products available to analyze customer flows, being the classic and easiest technology.
ELECTRONIC CUSTOMER COUNTERS have higher PRICES as these systems are more innovative compared to the mechanical ones. Anyway, the costs of these devices are still affordable.
– Finally, OPTIC CUSTOMER COUNTERS have the highest PRICES due to their advanced technology. Moreover, the costs also comprise theneed to buy specific software to analyze the data.

IDISEC has always worked to greatly satisfy its clients and proposes customer counters with optimal prices for any activity. Contact us to consult with one of our experts regarding the most suitable systems for your activity, besides a wide selection of different typologies of anti-theft systems for retail shops.

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