The acousto-magnetic (AM) technology applied to anti-theft systems for retail shops is recent and innovative. This technology is based on a physical phenomenon known as magnetostriction that is applied to the anti-theft accessories used to protect the merchandise.

Anti-theft systems based on the AM technology work at a frequency of 58KHz. Accessories such as anti-theft labels and anti-theft plates (also known as tags), contain two thin metallic strips.
In this way, the elements are able to create an impulse magnetic field.

  • Since the ANTI-THEFT LABEL or the PLATE is placed in a magnetic field, the electrons present in the metallic material move (due to the magnetization).
  • Because of this, the strips inside the accessory change their size and start to vibrate, dilate and compress at arhythmic frequency that represents a characteristic signal: this phenomenon is called MAGNETOSTRICTION
  • Trough magnetostriction, the anti-theft labelor plateemits a signal that is received by the system (specifically by the RECEIVER).

The anti-theft systems for retail shops with acousto-magnetic (AM) technology by IDISEC are very efficient since the receiver is able to analyze the signal and evaluate if it has actually been emitted by an anti-theft label or plate compatible with the ones present in the shop or if it is a false alarm.

AM anti-theft systems for retail shops are suggested by
IDISEC for the following commercial activities:


The advantage of AM anti-theft systems for retail shops is a wider protection compared to RF ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS.

They work with rigid or sticker labels, tags or anti-theft plates. These accessories can also have reduced size, in order to perfectly adapt to protect a variety of merchandise.

AM security systems by IDISEC generally have higher prices compared to RF security systems, as they offer some functional advantages, such as a larger space covered by the magnetic field to signal anomalies.

  • For anti-theft antennas, pricesof the AM security systemsby IDISEC vary based on the chosen type:
    – PARSEC AM security system is the standard model, in aluminum;
    – PULSAR AM security system presents higher performance and it covers a greater distance.
  • For the EAS systems accessories AM (anti-theft labels, tags or plates), prices can be different based on the quantity you order.

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EAS system and mono or dual antenna AM 58kHz


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